Waiting for more inventory can make sense if you have dream home in mind. But in 2014 there will be a price to be paid for waiting. A 30 year fixed mortgage is forecasted to climb from todays 4.5% to more than 5%.

Working With A Fast Closer– Qualifying for loans is easier now, but speed is another issue.  Many realtors suggest using local lenders. I find a buyer that monitors all steps in their  purchase can usually keep the lender on a timely schedule regardless of where the lender is located.  My buyers have used lenders all over the United States. However I do have a couple of lender contacts that are great at their job and I would recommend.

Leading With A Credible Offer- At a time of multiple bids on homes, low-balling isn’t the way to go. The reality is, sellers don’t have to come back to you with a counter offer if they’ve got better bids. Of course you don’t want to overpay either.  When making an offer keep that in mind and lean on your agents local knowledge  to come up with  a respectful offer.


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