Wondering if your qualified for a VA loan? Below is what their looking for.

1. Veterans with Certificate Of Eligibility

2. There are no income limits

3. 100% Financing of sales price/appraisal.  Just a note, the last few VA loans I have done the buyer actually walked away with a few bucks from the closing table.

4. Seller can pay all closing costs/escrows.  Regardless if you use me or not have your buyers agent ask for this in Purchase Agreement. I always do.

5. All utilities must be verified as functional. This is usually done by the appraiser.

6. In Jackson County A pest inspection is also a must. Again ask the seller to pay for it in the Purchase Agreement.

7. Condo projects must be approved by VA  (including Site Condos)

8. Also in Jackson County if property has a well then their is certain tests required for the water. Again ask the seller to cover this in  Purchase Agreement.

9. And most important– Lets “Hunt” Together For Your Next Home.

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